Since the “Daily Updates”, “Monthly Trends”, “ENSO”, and “Paleo Climate” pages are not open for comments, I have added this page for comments and discussions regarding those pages as well as for general blog-related comments and discussion.


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  1. Your daily updates chart is remarkably the same as Ryan Maue’s chart he plots from the NCEP CFSR / CFSv2 data generated every 4 hours to feed the GFS / ECMWF and other weather models (WeatherBell – paywalled). I always thought this was the best to use since it can’t be homogenized or the weather models will be worse then they currently are.

    Good work.

  2. Ren, thanks, and yes the graphs I prepare from daily GFS/CFSR data posted by UM CCI are very similar to those compiled independently by Ryan Maue for WxBELL. I check the WxBELL graphs every day to make sure the UM CCI data are consistent. I agree that the reanalysis approach is probably the best for estimating regional and global surface temperatures and anomalies, although I am not certain the current methods are optimal. I especially like that it is available in near real-time to monitor global weather pattern changes.

  3. This is the first time I’ve seen these charts. Do you know why the differ from the anomaly charts I often see i.e. , GISS, HADCUT, UAH, RSS. For example the 1998 spike isn’t as prominent.

    • Tony, the CFSR estimates are based on the same weather data used to initialize the global weather forecast models four times every day, which is a lot more data with much better spatial coverage than what goes into the GHCN-based estimates like those from GISS, NCEI, and HadCRUT. The CFSR estimates have actually compared better with the UAH and RSS satellite derived TLT estimates than the GHCN-based estimates.

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