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The climate is changing!

The climate is changing!
The climate is changing!
The climate is changing!

And its all YOUR FAULT!!!

Say the Chicken Littles of today.

Mostly for pride, prestige, fame, and funding.
And to promote potentially catastrophic policies.
All in the false pretense of “green” and “renewable” energy.
Endeavors that will enrich the Chicken Littles promoting them.
Ironically these policies are not likely to stop climate change.
But will instead impoverish and endanger most of us.
Wasting huge amounts of hard earned tax payer dollars.

And to top it all off …
The hidden Chicken Little motto:
Do as I say, not as I do.
Hypocrisy at its best.

Chicken Littles of the world are in a class of their own.
Not subject to the rules they espouse for the rest of us.
They say we must quit using fossil fuels.
But that is not what they do:
Flying in private jets. Living in huge walled mansions.
Driving expensive cars. Living lavish lifestyles.
All provided by fossil fuels.

Climate change is now blamed for almost everything bad.
Never mind digging for real causes that are ignored.

Consequently, “climate change” has become a religion.
We must have faith in the sacred climate models.
Never mind that they have not been validated.
The unfaithful are persecuted as “deniers”.

When will the gullible public learn?
When lies are told often enough.
They are perceived as truth.
Buyer beware.

How the climate models fare

The graph below provided by Clive Best compares global surface air temperature anomaly projections from a large number of climate model runs for different Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) for carbon dioxide versus two estimates of global surface air temperature anomalies based on actual temperature measurements from Cowtan and Way and the UK Hadley Climate Research Unit Temperatures (HadCRUT4.6).  Notice that the measurement based estimates are indicating global temperatures at the low end of the model projections.

Not at all alarming.

Actual climate model temperature projections

Another graph from Clive Best below shows direct climate model output of projected global average surface air temperatures, indicating a very wide range in temperatures that is hidden by using temperature anomalies in the graph above.  Another sign that the climate models are not representing the real world very well.

Graphs sourced here, thanks to Clive Best.

And if you think climate is changing now, take a look at how much climate has changed in the last 3 million years without any help from humans:
Paleo Climate